Coffee, leftover burrito, Topo Chico

When they all left today, spouse to go live with his new business venture, son off with two Eggo waffles, the house turned quiet.

Yesterday, when the family and our friends ate at Mojo Burrito, I carefully ate only half my burrito in order to save the other half for lunch today. They are very big burritos, and so tasty. As I wrapped my remaining half in foil, I sang, “You’re going to be so delicious tomorrow when I’m all alone and it’s so quiet.” My daughter remarked on my sad little song, but I didn’t mind. And I ate that burrito for breakfast, washed it down with agua mineral and coffee. Guacamole, vegetarian chili, cheese, onions, black beans — much more fortifying than egg on toast or Life cereal.

Although I couldn’t sleep last night due to recurring, vaguely panicky dreams inspired by finally watching Room, I feel strong today. I think the burrito helped. I will write this post as warm-up, re-read a short piece that I revised last week, maybe even submit it.


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