My husband thinks I drink too much, and he is especially aware of it because sometimes he does as well. This time of year does not make it easier — parties, family gatherings, various celebratory events abound.

So I self-assess, as I generally do during periods of evaluation:

MAST score (developed in the 1970s) resulted in a score of 4, which means I am likely in the early or middle stages of having a drinking problem.

CAGE score (only 4 questions) resulted in a score of 3, which means I am VERY LIKELY to have a drinking problem that may or may not be an addiction.

AUDIT score (developed by WHO) resulted in a score of 18, which means I am at a higher risk, drinking harmfully, and likely to suffer from alcohol dependence.

Damn it. So many of the questions were about legal issues, work performance, black-outs, drinking in the morning, having DTs — things that have never come up for me. But other questions included, “Has a close friend or family member expressed concerns about your drinking?”

I know I drink too much, and although I might not be a full-on alcoholic the results are certainly a little too close to dependence and addiction.

Sigh. Time to put down the glass.


One thought on “Cheers!

  1. For me, just asking the question – Am I or Aren’t I? – was the sign I needed….. Granted, I had to ask the question for 5+ years before I realized what was happening to me, but eventually I figured it out. *smile* Wherever you are, there are people here to support you and share the journey, whether you’re just asking the questions, or following other people’s sober journeys, or considering a day or a week sober yourself…. You are not alone.* -HM.


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