What the fuckity fuck, America? I like healthcare, and gay people, and brown people. And women, especially the strong ones and the vulnerable ones. And I like poor people and unborn babies and access to birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies and pregnancy support when women do have babies. Why don't you? Addendum, evening of 11/9/16: … Continue reading Aftermath


I don’t trust the FDA

I had the pleasure of talking and sharing wine with some neighborhood friends last night, and one woman has a husband going through aggressive chemotherapy. We lamented the unavailability of THC (the stuff in marijuana) legally available here since it has known curative as well as palliative properties. This lack of availability is especially galling since the … Continue reading I don’t trust the FDA

Lemongrass and Auntie Bang’s Coconut Soup (a.k.a. tom ka kai)

In April, I planted a tiny lemongrass specimen next to a smallish blueberry bush that I was trying to grow in a large concrete planter. The blueberry bush died, but the lemongrass thrived and has taken over the planter. Earlier this month, when I decided to make tom ka kai, a Thai chicken coconut soup, … Continue reading Lemongrass and Auntie Bang’s Coconut Soup (a.k.a. tom ka kai)